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About the product

Colorset is our beautiful range of coloured text and cover papers which is 100% recycled and available in 120gsm, 270gsm and 350gsm, with the White and Natural also in 170gsm.

Every colour is held in stock and available for next day delivery with a key part of the service including cut sizes and flexible order quantities. 

The surface of both paper and board weights includes a tactile antique touch on both sides while incorporating a good bulk throughout, allowing demanding print finishing techniques such as letterpress, foiling and laser cutting.

Heavier weights can also be obtained by sheet to sheet lamination. 540gsm and 700gsm are popular results of this process. 


- Brochures

- Posters
- Arts and Craft Supplies
- Greeting Cards
- Letterpress

- Wedding Stationery

- Invitations

Ecological characteristics

- 100% Recycled / FSC® Recycled / FSC® Virgin Fibre

- Recyclable or biodegradable

- Neutral pH

- Pulp bleached using ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) process

- Blue Angel certification

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