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About the product

Fenner Paper launched PaperWise to coincide with COP26 back in November 2021.

PaperWise is a new range of paper and board manufactured from agricultural waste, which is the stems and leaves left over the harvest and which is often burnt. The natural shade, manufactured from 100% agri-waste is also completely unbleached and has lower CO2 emissions than virgin fibre or recycled papers. The paper and boards are suitable for all print work and packaging, with a one side coated packaging board up to 465microns.


Lifecycle analysis conducted by the University of Amsterdam (IVAM) has concluded that the environmental impact is 47% lower than FSC-paper made from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper.


At the online launch, Justin Hobson, Marketing Manager at Fenner Paper, said “PaperWise users give a second life to agricultural waste. In doing so they lower their ecological footprint, add value to waste, and prevent wastage”


There are additional benefits: PaperWise is produced in factories in India and South America that make a big difference to local communities. Investments are made in education, infrastructure, and healthcare while the manufacturing process is geared toward safety, zero waste, and preserving local ecology.


The PaperWise range is held in stock by Fenner Paper in Tonbridge. European stocks are held in Rotterdam and include a wide range of packaging boards and lightweight papers with food approval, copier paper and even corrugated boards.


PaperWise is suitable for all major and demanding print projects, including;

Catalogues, Calendars, Covers, Greeting Cards and Invitations, Letterheads, Menus, Tags, Editions, Endpapers, Packaging and Annual reports.

Ecological characteristics

100% Agricultrural waste

Chlorine free

100% Green energy

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