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Crush has now expanded to adopt another shade - Cocoa.

A perfect addition for many reasons, but perhaps one of the largest being our love for chocolate products. Naturally, there is waste that results from the manufacture of such products and this is utilised once again in Crush to create this beautifully unique paper. 


About the product

Crush is an eco-friendly range of papers by Favini, made by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic products.

Crush paper includes by-products from citrus fruits, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, and now Cocoa. These natural raw materials are saved from landfill and used to make these distinctive and vivid papers.

It's produced and designed with creativity and care for the environment – using an eco-friendly manufacturing process that’s far more advanced than standard recycling processes.​

Crush is FSC® certified, GMO free, contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Both the production process and the product are protected by European patent.

Crush is suitable for all applications, including luxury packaging, brochures, stationery tags, cards and labels. But what truly sets Crush apart is the extra dimension it offers customers who want to stand out. For example, how wonderful that a paper made using grape residues can be used to make a wine label.


- Luxury Packaging
- Wet Strength Labels
- Greeting Cards
- Eco Conscious Projects
- Stationery
- High End Brochures
- Product Promotions

- Menus

Ecological characteristics

Crush has so many positive ecological characteristics and technical specifications that viewing or downloading the technical document is recommended.

View & download it here:

Crush Technical Help (PDF)

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