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About the product

Omnia is an entirely new kind of uncoated paper which performs like no other. It has a tactile finish that's superb to touch but a surface that loves ink.  


The brilliance of the standard white shade dazzles the eye as a pure white, meaning no blue or grey tints. Meanwhile the Natural version possesses a beautiful neutral shade sitting perfectly between most ivory and bright white variants.

Only the very best raw fibres are used in Omnia's creation combined with the latest manufacturing procedures, embracing EST (Enhanced Surface Technology). Utilising processes developed for modern technical applications - including the Space Programme - means Omnia is attributed with an exceptional print surface.

Omnia loves ink as much as printers love to print on it, ensuring very low dot gain (via the use of EST), fantastic brightness, and excellent ink-lift. Whatever the final use, this papers performance is outstanding.

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