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About the product

Over the years we have been successfully introducing new, cutting edge, eco-friendly papers, featuring interesting 'ingredients' that would otherwise be wasted during an industrial process. Today, Inclusion Coffee is the newest addition to our sterling collection of eco papers, and it does just that.

Made from 100% recycled fibres and used increasingly in premium packaging for luxury goods, Inclusion Coffee comes in to complement and enlarge our collection, giving our customers a paper and board range that contains 95% recycled PCW fibre and 5% Coffee waste.

By introducing the coffee into the pulp, it replaces cellulose content and therefore requires less water and energy to produce.

Aside from the wonderful ecological benefits of using Inclusion Coffee, the obvious recycled character and superb printability make it the perfect material for high-end packaging, greeting cards, menus and creative print jobs.


- Quality Packaging

- Text & Cover
- Greeting Cards
- Menu Material

- High-End Stationery

- Ecological Brochures

Ecological characteristics

- 100% Recycled (Post Consumer Waste)

- Recyclable & biodegradable

- Genuine upcycled coffee waste

- Neutral pH

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