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About the product

Introducing Tree Free: A sustainable choice for a greener world.

Elevate your commitment to the environment with Tree Free, the innovative paper crafted from 75% bamboo and 25% cotton linters. Embrace a more sustainable future without compromising on quality or creativity.

🌱 Natural Elegance: Each sheet embodies the unique texture and charm of bamboo fibres, adding a touch of nature's elegance to your projects.

🌿 Conscious Creation: By utilising fast-growing bamboo and repurposing cotton linters, we reduce the demand for traditional tree-based paper, contributing to forest conservation.

🖋️ Unleash Creativity: Whether you're sketching, writing, or printing, Tree Free offers a canvas that welcomes your ideas with open arms.

🌎 Environmental Harmony: Join us in reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainable practices – one sheet at a time.

Make your mark on the world with Tree Free – where ecological responsibility meets artistic inspiration.


Choose a paper that aligns with your values and empowers your creativity. Together, let's turn over a new leaf for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.


- Brochures

- Posters
- Greeting Cards
- Letterpress

- Wedding Stationery

- Invitations

- Ecological focus

Ecological characteristics

- 75% Bamboo

- 25% Cotton Linters

- Recyclable or biodegradable

- Neutral pH

- The CO2 emissions are fully offset. 

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