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30% Recycled / 60% FSC / 10% Cotton

About the product

Flora is a range of papers and paperboards, produced with 30% recycled secondary de-inked pulp, 60% wood-free FSC® pulp and 10% cotton fibres. Every shade apart from one (Gardenia - which is pure white) is lightly speckled and 'flecky', which accentuates a rustic character and gives it a beautiful earthy appearance.

Flora has a unique tactile surface and is soft to touch. It benefits from a bulky make-up and is quite robust, meaning it's great for those applications that require a paper stock to endure handling or mask a few scuffs over a period of time. 


Flora is suitable for Catalogues, Calendars, Covers, Greeting Cards and Invitations, Letterheads, Menus, Tags, Editions, Endpapers, Packaging and Annual reports.

Ecological characteristics

FSC® certified 

Recyclable or recoverable

Neutral pH

Pulp bleached using ECF 

EN71/3 Safety of Toys

Contains cotton fibres

Contains post consumer fibres

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