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About the product

RECYCO is a premium white, 100% recycled  paper, that combines the qualities of high-end production with the added value of eco-sustainability. It is the new generation of creative papers with a full green concept, featuring an off-white nuance and a natural look and feel. It is particularly versatile and therefore lends itself to the most diverse applications, ranging from premium publishing to luxury packaging. RECYCO is suitable for demanding print projects and intricate  finishing techniques. 

Recyco is suitable for creative projects spanning a multitude of uses, such as premium publishing, catalogues, annual reports, book covers, brochures, corporate images, menus, calendars, greeting cards, invitations, luxury packaging, and shopping bags.

For all jobs that require the best quality recycled paper, look no further than Recyco!

Ecological characteristics

- 100% recycled

- Neutral pH 

- ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) 

- EN71/3 Safety of Toys 

- 94/62/CE 

- Acid free

- Biodegradable and compostable

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