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High-quality raw materials, traditional paper-maker craftwork, and innovative technologies: At the Reflex plant in Düren, Germany these ingredients have produced exceptionally fine papers for more than 160 years.

Here, 20,000 tons of paper can be produced by three paper machines each year. Along with the especially soft water of the Rur river, our employees are our most important asset. Since the 16th century, Düren has been the paper city; people’s know-how in paper production has been passed on from generation to generation.

For transparent paper, Reflex is one of only two producers in all of Europe. In addition, together we continue to develop new, tailored solutions with our customers that are precisely aligned with their requirements.

The environment is the core of our responsibility. Conserving energy and raw materials is a natural part of our activities, just like the safe use of chemicals. We constantly improve our processes, products, and work methods and thus work towards full sustainability.

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